The first time I saw pictures of the Anaheim Packing District was on… of course… Instagram. My cousin’s best friend posted a photo of this place and I was like WAIT WHAT?! WHERE?! lol and immediately put it on my list of places to go. I personally like finding little gems in the city I live in. I’ve lived in Southern California since 2004 and there’s still SO MANY places I want to go or haven’t seen :) #Wanderlust :) There’s always some room for adventure!


I finally made it out to the Anaheim Packing District. Surprisingly, finding parking was a breeze and I loved that they had so many food choices in one place – oh! and they even have a bar in the middle of it all! – can’t beat that. I decided to try the ramen place and got some pork buns, edamame, soup and some dumplings. I wasn’t too impressed with this place and my food came out kind of cold :( I didn’t get to try the dessert places but I’d probably go back just to try some dessert. However, I wouldn’t go back for a meal… actually I lied. I would but only if it was in passing. I did see a fish place I wanted to try, and Southern place – (you know I love me some Catfish lol). Maybe my expectations were so high because I’ve been wanting to go for like a year now lol or maybe I tried the wrong place. The Grilled Cheese place also caught my eye but since I’ve cut down on dairy lately, I decided to pass it up… #bummer. Also, be careful if you take a camera in. You’ll probably get stopped and asked if you’re a professional photographer. They prefer for guests to only take photos with their iPhones. I’ll let you guys know if I head back for some dessert anytime soon. I’d personally give the Anaheim Packing District a 6/10. On to the next Foodie adventure! :)






Instead of having dessert at the Anaheim Packing District, I decided to go on adventure to try a new Boba spot and boy am I glad I did!!! I found Zero Express on once again – Instagram – and it’s seriously THE BEST BOBA I’VE EVER HAD!!! It’s all natural, delicious and comes in a cute reusable bottle! If you haven’t gone, GO! NOW! Like seriously, get in your car and head over 😉 It’ll seriously change your Boba life forever!




– KJ :)