Hey Ladies! :)

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

We’re now at the final days of 2015 and before we say hello to 2016 I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE beauty products. Especially with this cold weather going on right now, we could all use a little extra T.L.C. :) Hopefully you guys try a couple of my recommendations and let me know what you think. Here we go! Starting from the top row – left to right :) in no particular order.

1. Le Volume De Chanel Mascara – This is literally LIFE in a bottle. Growing up wearing making for photoshoots / dance performances I’ve probably tried thousands of mascaras and I must say, nothing compares to this mascara. I know it’s a little on the pricey side but it’s worth it! Not only does it separate and give your lashes volume, it’s also water-proof and if you like to attend spur of the moment workouts or go all day with minimal touchups just like I do – this is the mascara for you!

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish┬á– In the Winter, my lips get very dry and I like to give them a little extra T.L.C ­čśë so on top of the chapsticks this lip scrub helps exfoliate your lips and keep them nice and smooth. Definitely a must… not only in the Winter but year round for soft kissable lips… and who doesn’t want that?! ­čśë

3. Good. soap – I literally feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with this soap! I’ve a hug fan of Coconut Oil and Oatmeal for the skin. Coconut oil helps smoothen all blemishes while moisturizing and Oatmeal helps calm all skin irritations. Sooooo one day, I went on a hunt for both ingredients in one and I stumbled across Good. at Whole Foods! My favorite is the Organic Coconut & Oatmeal Soap. Here’s the best part – it’s only $2!!! Amazing right?! In just a week I saw a difference in my skin. My skin was softer and smoother and now I can’t see myself using any other soap.

4. Tresemm├ę Dry Shampoo – If you’re always on the go like me, this is a quick fixer-upper you need around. On mornings when you’re on the run (or running late) and you don’t have enough time to wash, blow dry, straighten / curl, etc. to your hair – spray a little dry shampoo on your roots, style, and be on your way! This helps absorb hair oils and also leaves your locks smelling fresh. A quick fix that makes you look like you spent more than enough time on your hair even when you only had a couple minutes.

5. Aquaphor Healing Ointment – This ointment can be used for so many things! I personally use it where ever I need it most. Cuticles, chapped lips, feet, elbows, face, neck… Anywhere! Aquaphor and Coconut Oil are tied in my book! lol

6. DOVE Spray Anti-Perspirant – I absolutely love this product because not only is the application a breeze (literally and figuratively) but it’s also gentle on sensitive skin which is a big factor for me.┬áLasts all day long and leaves me smelling so fresh and so clean!

7. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – Nothing like a lip color you love that can last all day! Jeffree gifted me a set of his liquid lipsticks and I loved them! They dry matte and I like that they don’t smudge or budge off my lips. My favorite shades were all of his nude shades – they work for day or night. I literally only have to apply one coat in the┬ámorning and it lasts all day, even if I eat or drink.

8. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – I have combination skin – super sensitive, oily t-zone yet some dry areas. With that being said, I┬álike a facial cleanser that cleans my face without over drying and this nails it. Also… FYI: Kiehl’s gives complimentary 20 minutes facials all day everyday! Where else can you go to pick up some face wash and get a free facial while you’re at it?! :)

9. Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment – X marks the spot! When you have that one pimple pop up out of nowhere the night before you have a photoshoot or a hot date with someone you need something quick! I love this On-The-Spot treatment because it’s easy to apply and works over night. It also helps reduce acne scars!

10. MAC LipGlass in SPICE – I love this lipgloss so much that I usually have about 3 of them at a time. One for my purse, one for my clutch and one for my bathroom.┬áS/O to my Soulmate Storm the DJ for introducing me to this amazing shade! I think┬áthis is my perfect shade of nude gloss for my skin tone. It’s not too much but it’s just right to give my lips that soft color when I’m on the go.

11. OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo – You already know I’m obsessed with coconut products for the body so I had to try the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo. Not only does it smell amazing but it washes my hair while moisturizing my locks. Win-win situation!

12. BLISS hand cream – I received a gift card to Sephora and decided to check things out online. BLISS was one of the top brands recommended online and I received this hand cream in one of the gift packs I purchased. My hands need a little extra moisture in the winter so┬áthis cream has been my go-to. It has a soft sweet scent but also leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized. I’ll definitely be going back for another bottle when I run out.

13. Diptyque candles – If you know me, you know Diptyque is one of my FAVORITE stores. I mean, when you walk in just the smell of their stores can transport you to any time and any place in Paris! I could spend hours in a Diptyque location! lol I put these candles on my list because who doesn’t like setting the mood to do anything?! Even if it’s just your makeup or hair. I’m a personal scent freak (lol) so I always love to have candles burning when I’m at home. Another thing I love about these candles are the jars they come in. They can be used after you’re done burning your candle! I use the jars to store some of my beauty products like cotton balls, Q-tips, lipsticks, etc.

14. Joe Malone Red Roses Cologne – This has been my scent this season. I’m usually not a floral scent type of girl but I LOVE this scent by Joe Malone. This smells more light a light Rose Water and I get compliments every time I wear it. Nothing like some red roses to lighten up a cold winter ­čśë

15. Clarisonic – I personally love this cleansing tool┬áand I love that you can easily change the brush every two months. I use this to wash my face every day – I actually pair it with the Kiehl’s facial cleanser and it works wonders. Not only does this help thoroughly clean my face but it also helps me remove any dry / dull skin.

Happy Pampering!