Happy New Year my loves!! I hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season :) To kick off the year, I’m going to share some details with you guys about my end of the year trip to one of my favorite places in the world… ASIA!! :)

I left 2 days after Christmas and was off to Hong Kong first to meet my Soulmate Storm the DJ. 14 HOURS later… I arrived and my Soulmate was waiting for me in the airport! Yay! :) So happy to see a familiar face after hours and hours of traveling. Our first stop was FOOD of course and we both caved and got McDonalds haha #SkinnyFatKid! After our bite to eat, we hoped on the train and headed to our hotel. Our hotel was cute and chíc but we had to change rooms 3 times before we found one that was comfortable, didn’t smell and didn’t have dolls surrounding the room (true story). Once we were settled, we decided to get as much sleep as possible so we could explore Hong Kong the next day!

On the morning of the 29th, we got ready and enjoyed some yummy breakfast and girl talk downstairs in our hotel.


After breakfast, we got ready and headed out into the beautiful city of Hong Kong! This was my first time in Hong Kong so I was sooooo excited. We walked to the train station (I wanted to embrace the culture as much as possible) and headed towards Hong Kong’s famous attraction – Victoria’s Peak. On the way there, we ran into St. John’s Cathedral so you know I had to stop :) My mom always says, when you visit a new church you get to make a wish, so I did just that :) Stopped to admire the gorgeous cathedral, pray and make my wish.



After our visit to the Cathedral, we continued our way to Victoria’s Peak. Once we got there – the line was an hour and a half long (O.M.G) but luckily, we were able to find a Fast Track line which put us at the front of the line for only $5 extra dollars. I don’t know how more people didn’t know, or didn’t take this route but it was so worth it. We ended up waiting only about 30 minutes to take the tram up to the top of the peak. Either way – it’s definitely worth the wait. There are a ton of cool shops and restaurants on your way up to the top and once you get there… The view is breathtaking!








Shortly after we got to the top it started to get cold really quickly. So, we headed back to our hotel for a quick power nap before we embraced Hong Kong’s night life. Storm was DJing at PLAY nightclub in Hong Kong and we had the times of our lives! We were out until 4AM and had to head to the airport at 530AM. Rock star lifestyle lol Even though my trip to Hong Kong was short, it was definitely sweet. Stay tuned for a recap of my New Years eve in VIETNAM! :)