Hope you’re all having a great week! :)

Those of you that know me know I’m obsessed with all things MARBLE. I have marble accents in my home, a marble phone case, marble wine holder, marble vase… you get the point. Recently, I was looking for a new marble table / desk for my room and as we all know – marble can be a pretty penny. Then one day, I was browsing on Pinterest and I came across a DIY with the same exact desk I have! I was thrilled! I decided to do a blog post and pass along the knowledge from one marble lover to another.

The process is very inexpensive, fast and easy! Now when I say inexpensive, I mean like $10 (yaassss) and here’s a bonus: if you get sick of the look – it’s removable!

What you’ll need:

Marble Contact Paper
– Scissors
– Small hand towel
Ikea Vittsjo or any table or surface you would like to marbleize


  • First build your furniture– I’m using the Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Table, which has become a favourite for Ikea Hacks because of the simple minimal design.
  • Start by cleaning the surface you will be covering in contact paper. Wipe it with a damp cloth and allow to dry. I’m used DC-fix contact paper and there’s a great grid on the backing to make it easy to cut the paper to size. Because the Vittsjo has a removable glass top, I simply placed it on the unrolled paper and cut around it, leaving about an inch allowance along the edges. If you are doing this on a table surface that isn’t so easily movable, you may need a tape measure.
  • After cutting the paper to size, peel one edge of the backing. Then lift the glass surface and gently place it over the sticky edge, leaving the 1 inch allowance. Lift the edge of the contact paper and wrap it over the edge of the glass and press it into place. Then flip the surface over so that the contact paper is on top. Next, take the towel and press the adhesive side of the contact paper down onto the glass while slowly peeling back the paper backing. Go in smooth strokes, pushing out any air bubbles a small section at a time. Work slowly to push out all the bubbles so that the surface looks smooth. If any air bubbles do get trapped, you can pull the adhesive back and try to smooth it down again. If there are bubbles at the end, an easy fix is to poke them with a pin to release the air and then press the sticker down.
  • When the entire surface has been pressed down, flip the glass over. Then cut a square out of each corner and then press the contact paper over the edges. When then entire thing has been pressed onto the surface, place it back onto the table! It’s that easy– no mess, not fussy, and a total face lift to your desk and the room your surface is in!

Here’s a picture of my finished product! It’s from my SnapChat so excuse the quality :)


I use this table as my desk in my room. It sits in between my bed and my book shelf. I needed a small / sleek desk to fit in my room and this was perfect. I also love the little side cubby, it fits a box of mine, holiday cards, mail, etc. I’m really loving this marble upgrade!

Now that you’re in on the marble DIY trick… what will you marbleize? :)


-KJ :)