2017 has been a great year so far to say the least. I know it’s almost Summer already but, I still want to share with you guys how EPIC my New Years was :) Ive literally been working and traveling non-stop since the year started and I finally have a littleeee downtime to blog.

I usually never do anything crazy for New Years. For years, I’ve chosen to stay home on NYE and bring in the New Year with my Mommy and family. New Years is always CRAZY with the parties, lines, traffic, etc… that I like to bring it in with family or at church. However, this year I decided to spend it with 2 of my best friends across the world!

You guys read my Hong Kong blog (previous post) and from there we flew to Vietnam! My best friend / Soulmate – Storm the DJ – happened to be DJing in Asia for NYE and my best friend – TK Nguyen – lives in Vietnam and owns a couple of businesses out there. I was planning on visiting TK forever so to me, this sounded like the perfect time to go. I get to travel with one best friend and visit another. SCORE! :)

A couple years ago my best friend and Partner in Crime – TK Nguyen – moved out to Vietnam to chase his dreams. I’ve know TK since 2006 when we both lived in San Diego. We both used to work in nightlife and coincidently – we both decided to move to LA at the same time. When we moved to LA, we collaborated together and we started working for Hennessy in 2010… andddd the rest is history. When TK told me he was moving to Vietnam I was extremely sad but I knew he would do GREAT things. And he has… and he is STILL doing GREAT things. Proud to say the least!

TK built SKYLIGHT Nha Trang from the ground up. This is an AMAZING venue in Nha Trang, Vietnam and it’s the tallest building in the city with 360 view. Words can’t even describe how beautiful this place is so I’ll just show you :) They also have a restaurant connected to their venue where I had dinner almost every night lol. My Soulmate Storm DJ’d their NYE party and we seriously had the TIME OF OUR LIVES! I absolutely love Asia and loved being there with a couple of my favorite people!