On Saturday, my Mommy and I planned to visit The Getty Museum. Believe it or not – I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 2009 and never made my way over to The Getty – either of them at that – The Museum or The Villa! It was actually kind of funny planning this because when we originally planned this adventure – my mom thought The Getty Museum and Villa were close to each other so she thought we could do both at the same time or the same day buttttttt that would be pushing it especially since The Getty Museum is off the 405 towards The Valley and The Villa is in Malibu lol. However, we decided to tackle the Museum first and save The Villa for another day :)



We arrived at The Getty around 11AM. To my surprise, parking was a breeze and it was super easy to get to the tram. They’re vey well organized and have a ton of staff to help you and answer any of your questions. The tram ride was actually really pretty. The view is gorgeous and goes slow enough that it’s actually pretty relaxing. Once we arrived at The Getty we immediately looked over the schedule and my Mommy wanted to hit the Central Garden Tour first and we were right on time for it. We started off our visit with that tour and we learned so many cool things about the grounds at The Getty, the planning that went into the garden, the streams, the views and the architecture. The garden was gorgeous and had so many amazing smells going on too! I could’ve stayed there for hours buttttt… we were starving lol so we headed back up to grab some coffee at the cafe :)





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IMG_9080 2






We grabbed coffee after our garden tour and sat in the main square. We enjoyed the view and the weather – it wasn’t sunny but it wasn’t cold. The breeze was actually perfect and we were really enjoying ourselves. After our coffee, we had some time to kill before our lunch reservations so we decided to just walk around and explore the grounds and figure out what we wanted to see after lunch. We even checked out the gift shop and they have some really cool souvenirs / art books in there. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and boy were we excited! We couldn’t wait to eat! lol I actually saw images of The Getty restaurant online and told my mom we HAD to eat there so we both were looking forward to it. Luckily, we were seated right by the window and had a great view and even better lighting. We were surprised that all of the staff spoke at least 2 languages and they were very kind. I ordered the cilantro hummus and butternut squash soup (one of my favorite soups ever) and my mom had the ravioli…. Oh! And we can’t forget the glasses of wine we had. I had my usual fave – Riesling and my mom had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc – both were very crisp and light :) We enjoyed the food, we enjoyed the view, we enjoyed our wine and we enjoyed the service. One of our waiters even sang to us in the restaurant! haha! They were very kind and accommodating. I would go back to The Getty just to have lunch – you can’t beat a delicious lunch, at a beautiful place, for an affordable price!








After lunch, we decided to start at the West Pavilion and check out the NOIR exhibit. With black being one of my favorite colors, I was really interested in seeing this exhibit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an art exhibit that was in all black. To my surprise most of these drawings / sketches were done from chalk or watercolors and they made some pretty remarkable art pieces. After that exhibit we kind of just followed the hallways that lead us from one art exhibit to another. We saw some old french masterpieces, art by Degas, furniture from Louis XIV, vintage tea sets and much much more! We literally could’ve spent an entire day in there but duty calls. We had to head out to my family’s Fight Party! lol We didn’t get to see everything but we really enjoyed our day there together! Did I mention The Getty Museum is FREE99?! The only thing you have to pay for is parking – $15 or $10 after 4PM. DEAL! I can’t wait to go back :)