Are you ready for some footballlllll?!?! :)

The NFL and the NBA are two of my favorite sports to watch! For those of you who don’t know, I was lucky enough to have 3 amazing years dancing in the NFL for the San Diego Chargers where I served as Captain for 2 years and Pro Bowl Nominee for 1 year. I must say, I learned so many things from that organization and I still hold everyone in my Charger Girl family very close to my heart!

It’s always a special time when I’m asked to come back by the Director of the Charger Girls to be a Line Assistant at games, to choreograph, or help at Auditions. I love seeing girls go for the same dream I once did and I love seeing the new Charger Girls every season because I just know they’re in for the time of their lives.

Last Sunday, I traveled down to San Diego to work the Chargers vs. Raiders game and was blessed to work the game with a few of my favorite CG Alumni’s – Katie, Paige and Nicole. We had a great time on the field, the fans had amazing energy, I had some friends and loved ones in the crowd and the Charger Girls even performed my choreography! Definitely was Sunday Funday :)





Dress by: Zara

Shoes from: Nordstrom



If any of you ladies have aspirations to audition for a Pro Dance Team – DO IT! You never know what can happen and if you make it, you won’t regret it! Get in shape, train, keep your eye on the goal, take dance lessons, pick an outfit you’re confident and comfortable in, and show that organization what you’ve got! If you have any questions on future auditions or want any Pro Team advice – comment below or email me through my website. I’d be glad to help :)