FINALLY tried out the new Shake Shack in West Hollywood. I’m actually glad we waited a couple months to try it because we didn’t have to wait 2 hoursĀ in line to order lol. With being a Cali girl, I’m an In-N-Out faithful but I had to see what the East Coast was workin’ with šŸ˜‰ We arrived about 8PM on a weekday and we only waited about 20 minutes to order.Ā Can you tell how excited I was for fooddddd?!


The spot is super cute and they have pretty much everything on their menu – burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, milk shakes, wine, beer, fresh strawberry mint lemonade and much much more! I ordered a double (yes… a double. #SkinnyFatKid) original ShackBurger, a side of fries and can’t forget – the strawberry mint lemonade.




The food was delicious, I LOVED their lemonade but they do have a very different taste than In-N-Out. I don’t really think you can compare Shake Shack to In-N-Out. Shake Shack is much more than just a burger spot, their meat is different, their fries are different and they use kind of like a Hawaiian bun for their burgers. Since I love cheeseburgers, I enjoyed this place a lot. Yummy burgers, good service, clean tables, etc. I would definitely go back. HOWEVER, my vote for favorite go-to burger spot still goes to: InNout! lol


If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by one of LA’s newest additions. You won’t regret it and I promise you’ll walk out of Ā there with a smile on your face and a Shake in your hand… because I did. A Black & White milkshake to be exact.


-KJ :)