For Thanksgiving, my mom decided to come to LA and spend the holiday with me :) I usually go up North for Thanksgiving but I decided to host Thanksgiving at my place again. To kick off our festivities, we spent the night at Terranea Resort on Wednesday. Not gonna lie, this wasn’t a bad place to wake up in for Thanksgiving 😉 We checked in Weds night, enjoyed an amazing dinner in the resort and then relaxed in our waterfront suite. We woke up early to enjoy the scenery and I must say this resort is BEAUTIFUL! Southern California is a beautiful place in general but this resort makes you feel like you’re in another place. It kind of reminded me of Cabo with their water front location, beautiful ocean views, palm tries everywhere, an amazing trail around the entire resort and much much more! We kicked off our Thanksgiving with a wonderful breakfast at their Catalina Restaurant then I had to leave to face reality and get down and dirty in the kitchen. My stay at Terranea Resort was short and sweet and I’m already counting down the days to my next visit :) Hope you enjoy these photos of my stay!

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