Last weekend, I went on a little getaway with my Mommy and Auntie Carmel to New Mexico. Albuquerque to be exact. The first day, I arrived a couple hours later than they did. Took a cab to our hotel and we immediately hit the mall! lol A family that shops together stays together right?! 😉 We found some good deals and we were actually looking for some ponchos. Where else do you get authentic ponchos other than New Mexico?! :) After our shopping trip, we decided to head over to the local steakhouse to enjoy our first dinner to New Mexico. As we were walking towards the restaurant it started HAILING OUT OF NOWHERE… We immediately started running through the storm hoping to reach the restaurant before we were soaking wet! I couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard!!! This was definitely one of my favorite moments of our trip. Needless to say, we dried off in the bathroom and pulled it together to enjoy a nice dinner lol! The weather pretty much stayed the same way throughout our entire trip – hot, cloud, a little rain, then cleared up again. Was a nice change… loved the fall weather :)

The next day we had to wake up at 3AM (yes, you read that right) to head over to our tour bus at 3:45AM which would then take us over to the fair grounds of the International Balloon Fiesta. At first when we got there, I didn’t understand why we had to be up so early (I’m not always such a pleasant morning person) but once 5AM hit, I completely got it. They started what they call a “Morning Glow” where a couple of the hot air balloons gather together to flicker their balloons… this creates a glow around the fair grounds. Such a sight to see! Around 6AM, the balloons started taking off into the sky… one by one… and kept going for a couple of hours. There were HUNDREDS of balloons in the sky – all different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. from all over the world and the fairgrounds was PACKED! Such an amazing experience and it made me very happy to see my Mommy and Auntie so excited :) This event might be better than fireworks and if you know me… you know I love fireworks (4th of July is my favorite holiday). If you haven’t been to the Balloon Fiesta I highly suggest you add this to your bucket list. Tickets are only $8 and I promise you’ll make some priceless memories <3








They’re definitely sisters lol taking pictures at the same time and similar phone case :)



Love is in the air :)


On our final day in New Mexico, we took a city tour around Albuquerque. I learned so much about the city like Breaking Bad was filmed there, they hang chile outside of their houses and business for good luck, they’re one of they only places to have TWO Route 66’s, TONS of movies were filmed there, and they have SO much history and culture! Such a fun trip :) So grateful to be able to see new things and experience new cultures with my family. Can’t wait to see where the wind takes me next!