Hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day! You should all feel loved everyday and not just on Valentine’s Day but if there’s a Holiday made up just to celebrate LOVE – then I’m all for it :)

Unfortunately, I was STILL sick on Valentine’s Day. It’s taken me almost TWO WEEKS to shake this cold but it actually forced me to rest for once and to take it easy. So with that said, I was moving a little slower than usual so Mi Amor took me to have some soup for lunch (because that’s the only thing I was eating or even had an appetite for at the time lol) and it was DELICIOUS. After lunch, I just wanted to rest at home until it was time for dinner. He planned for us to go to a private dinner with a good friend of his – Jamie Owner of La Tabela and to say the least – it was definitely an EXPERIENCE! I haven’t been to anything else like it and I’m glad we did something a little different.


It was a private dinner at a Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles for about 15 couples. He had a pre-set 5 course dinner menu and the ambiance was perfect.



It was intimate with dim lighting, red table cloths, tea light candles, rose petals and beautiful glassware. Not to mention, the music playlist was on point! lol Now let me tell you guys a little something about the tea light candles… Mi Amor kept playing with them the entire night. I told him to stop playing with them because… well that’s what I do lol jk but seriously – tea light candles are easy to knock over, spill, and what not but he wouldn’t listen to me (surprise surprise lol). So first, he knocked one tea light candle over and got all of the wax on his brand new sweater, the table and his silverware. We giggled and I couldn’t help but say “I told you so” :) Next, he asked for more napkins and while he did that, he accidentally placed his original napkin ON TOP of the other tea light candle and it immediately ignited in flames. He yelled out “oh shit” and tried to BLOW out the flame (I thought this was HILARIOUS) before the guy next to us grabbed the napkin and suffocated the flame. Now, we were left with ashes and wax all over our table cloth. As you’ll see in the picture below, I couldn’t stop laughing!! It was HILARIOUS and very typical of my clumsy lover. I was laughing so hard I cried and couldn’t breathe from laughing (the best kind of laugh). Surprisingly, that made my night lol


Back to the food lol – each course that came out was light, refreshing and just the perfect serving size. Nothing was too heavy but it was also very fulfilling. You could literally taste how FRESH everything was. He personally picks everything from his personally farm and brings it straight to the table 😉 Check out his website and read all about it!





My favorite part of the meal was the soup – it was absolutely delicious and I LOVED the idea of the LIVE dessert. He literally made the dessert in front of us on the table and I immediately wanted to go home and try it myself. I mean how cool does it sound to throw syrup, red velvet crumbs, nuts, and ice cream on your table for you to devour?! YES PLEASE!





My stomach and heart were full :) Thankful to say the least. Sending lots of love to you and yours!


-KJ :)